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Your Next Move

About us

We provide personal training and group workouts in the Worthing and Arundel area. If you’ve ever started a fitness programme and quit, or feel like you’re just not making progress, then give YNM’s fitness training some serious consideration. Whether you are new to exercise, want to improve sports performance or train for competition, allowing us to guide and support you through our fitness boot camps and high intensity training, should definitely be your next move. Your Next Move’s Fitness Training will provide you with personal attention, either as part of regular group sessions, targeted small group work or personal training, if you want and need this level of support. Whatever you choose, our programmes are all based in the Worthing and Arundel area and are designed to affect the whole person, which for us means achieving the right balance between body and mind, as we develop your strength, speed and stamina to achieve your goals.

So if you’re new to exercise or an accomplished sportsperson looking for the next level, then we are Your Next Move!

Martin & Emma

Martin Footman

I have used my experience as a successful middle and long distance runner to establish an impressive range of personal training opportunities. Specialising in total body fitness, strength work and physical conditioning, I am highly motivated to become an integral part of your exercise journey and help take you to your own personal edge.

Emma Footman

My background as a sports graduate/PE teacher and England athletics international means I have particular skills in helping people of all abilities achieve in sport and physical activity. I have an excellent understanding of what motivates clients to reach their goals and will work on your mind as well as your body at all stages of your personal development.

Group Sessions

Metafit, High Intensity Interval Training. HITT training is when you alternate between high intensity exercise and short periods of rest. If you are looking to get lean, get conditioned and get tough then look no further than HIIT! It won’t be easy; but it definitely gets results. At YNM we use the Metafit bodyweight training approach as part of our HIIT sessions.

YNM Boot camps will involve outdoor group exercise classes focusing on strength and cardio exercises designed to maximise your progression by using the power of the group. YNM sessions are designed to make exercise fun without the need for the type of military style approach that others sometimes use. We get our results through gathering together a supportive and motivated community of like-minded people.

HITT & Run – Due to popular demand, a new addition to YNM is our Saturday morning HITT & Run. This is an area that Mart & Emma are really keen to develop seeing as it is their specialisim. The session will operate using various interval type running approaches down on the seafront at Goring Gap. This session will combine strength and conditioning exercises specifically for running in a HITT format which will mean working for short intense intervals aimed to accelerate fitness.

Personal Training

Your instructors are passionate about fitness and are committed to delivering safe, effective, fun and interesting workouts whether you are new to exercise, have a particular goal in mind or a trained athlete.

Online YNM Shop

If you would like to purchase any YNM branded kit for a VERY reasonable price, please visit yourpinnacleshop Sizes in adults and children’s.

YNM Fitness @ PTMinder

All our bookings are now managed through PTMinder (see link below) where you will find everything you need to book classes, sign up for personal training sessions and take part in special events.

  • I absolutely love classes with Your Next Move. No week is the same and not only do I have fun but I work really hard too. I’ve been doing Metafit and Bootcamp for around a month now and am already starting to see the changes in my body. I’m addicted and feel gutted if I miss a class. 

    Charlotte Leng, PR, Worthing
  • I love it! Emma and Martin are full of enthusiasm showing their passion for fitness. Every session is fun, different (not a chance to get bored) and there is great banter within the group. Everyone is really kind and friendly and although we have lots of laughs, Martin and Emma are always watching ensuring we are doing the challenges and exercises correctly to achieve results and avoid injury. There is a wide range of abilities and that works really well, the sessions are adaptable and for all.

    Becky Sommers, Worthing
  • I’ve nearly always trained on my own, thinking I preferred it that way. Not any more. I found working out in a group highly motivating, not to mention the expert advice and guidance from Martin and Emma.

    Mark Whitby, Education Consultant, Worthing
  • A group of friends have recently joined ‘Your Next Move’ Fitness Training. Emma is a great instructor and gets us all motivated even when it’s freezing cold outside. I’m actually starting to enjoy exercising which is unheard of! 

    Tiffany Lloyd-Smith Surrey
  • I joined YNM around 4 months ago now. After being a member @ David Lloyd for a year, I wanted a new challenge and something that would push me further to get me fit and tone up. Each session is different which is great and you come away feeling like you have really worked hard but also enjoyed it at the same time. I never dread going to a session like I would before with the gym.

    Lauren Westwood, Worthing
  • I have been attending a YNM fit club for a few months now and I would definitely recommend it. Emma plans a different workout each week which is always fun and competitive. She is very motivating and a great trainer thank you for helping me get fit and strong.

    Martha Turvey, Surrey